Our vision

Our vision is to be the market leader in automated waste collection systems worldwide within a very short period of time. Our superiority in this field is based on our smart technology, innovative solutions, accumulated know-how and maintaining our cutting-edge research and development.

Our mission

MariMatic Oy® is a well-recognized and valued partner in all its business sectors and we strive to develop our products to ensure our customers have complete satisfaction and fulfil their expectations in the new streamline technologies we embrace.

We develop and market vacuum conveying and automated waste collection systems, and solutions that surpass anything that has been accomplished to date, and the moment an even more brilliant small or large technological evolution is on the horizon, we do not hesitate to endeavour to incorporate it into our automated waste collection systems.

Beyond the technical aspect of waste collecting, we supply our customers with systems that are both economical and add value wherever they are installed.

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