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MariMatic Oy®, a member of the MariGroup companies, has over the years researched and developed many innovative products that serve the modern world. One of these products, in which MariMatic Oy® specializes, is automated solid waste collection system (AWCS). The company manufactures two types of waste collection systems: the Taifun®, launched in the 1980s for use in industrial applications, and the MetroTaifun®, launched in 2010, and is specifically designed for subterranean conveyance of municipal waste. MariMatic Oy® has delivered around 1,000 systems in over 40 countries.

marigroup hqMariMatic Oy® continues to strive onward in this field, and in recent years has invested millions of euros in research and development in the MetroTaifun® AWCS, and holds an extensive portfolio of Finnish and Foreign patents and patent applications.

MariMatic Oy® is thinking big and, at the same time, thinking small. MetroTaifun® AWCS far exceeds its competitors in the land area each of its systems reach. Yet, at the same time it has, with its waste reduction Formator, decreased the diameter of the network pipes by half, while increasing the number of residents that can be served, and simultaneously reducing the costs of the materials required.

In every aspect of design, MariMatic Oy® is constantly aware of the fragile environment and the impact MetroTaifun® AWCS may have on it. In replacing the traditional waste collection systems and all of the environmental hazards that go with it, MariMatic Oy® is extremely conscious of its responsibility to the environment and endeavours to eliminate any negative footprints with technological integrity. Sounds are reduced, odours eliminated, materials reduced, energy consumption slashed: again, one example of this is the Formator solution, which halves the diameter of the pipes required, creating an unstoppable avalanche of cost reduction, energy and material savings in every area.

To continue the development and research, we have built a MetroTaifun Technology and Demo Center, which is recognized for having the world’s largest working demonstration Automatic Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS) completely installed indoors. Visit MariMatic's R&D and demo center in Finland



MariMatic AB delivers MetroTaifun® automatic solid waste collection system (AWCS) to the new Vallastaden residential area in Sweden. The solution is equipped with new technology, waste collecting inlets have scales that measure the weight of waste at the RFID key opening.
The client, Tekniska Verken in Linköping AB, Sweden will make use of the recorded waste data in their communication and invoicing functions.

MetroTaifun® automatic solid waste collection system conveys waste underground in Vallastaden area. Residents take their waste bags to the nearest waste collection point outside their buildings, open the waste inlet door with the RFID key and drop the bags into the appropriate inlet: bio waste or mixed waste. MetroTaifun® records the weight before the waste is whooshed away through underground pipes. At the waste transfer terminal the waste is collected into large containers which are used to transport the waste to waste treatment plant, where mixed waste will be turned into heat, cooling and electricity and bio waste to biogas and bio fertilizers.

Tekniska Verken in Linköping AB, Sweden will make use of the statistical waste data that MetroTaifun® automatic solid waste collection system collects. The waste collection data enables new invoicing methods based on PAYT, pay as you throw. The client can monitor a long term trend in waste amounts collected from each building, or the results used in targeted information campaigns to increase recycling.

MariMatic AB delivers the automatic solid waste collection system to Vallastaden in phases, according to the regional development during 2013 – 2017. The first phase is being completed in the spring of 2016 for the Vallastaden 2017, the housing and community expo.

MariMatic AB is a part of the company MariMatic Oy, which locates at Vantaa, Finland. MariMatic Oy is a privately owned high tech company, which has developed leading vacuum conveying systems since 1983. MariMatic Oy has delivered more than 800 systems for various industries in over 40 countries.

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